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The Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) has identified roadways that are beginning to experience capacity issues, and the Plan has also identified various roadways or areas for more detailed study.  The purpose of these studies is to prepare recommendations that will address current and projected capacity issues.  Development pressures in the MPO area have resulted in the governing bodies of local jurisdictions requesting that the MPO pursue these studies.  To date, five (5) corridors have been identified for more detailed studies:

  1. Pemberton Drive Corridor Study (completed)
  2. East Side Corridor Study (completed)
  3. Riverside Drive Corridor Study (completed)
  4. U.S. Route 13/Bi-State Blvd/Foskey Lane Planning Study (completed)
  5. U.S. Route 13 North/Naylor Mill Road Study (completed)
  6. Eastern Shore Drive Corridor Study (completed)

In addition to the above-mentioned corridor studies, the S/W MPO has focused efforts on freight studies, transit routing plans, a hiker and biker functional master plan, and safety studies.

  1. MPO Freight Study (completed)
  2. Delmarva Freight Study (completed)
  3. Shore Transit Routing Analysis (completed)
  4. Hiker and Biker Functional Master Plan (completed)
  5. Beaglin Park Drive Safety Study (completed)
  6. Shore Transit Traffic Impact Study (completed)
  7. U.S. Route 50 Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety & Connectivity Study (completed)
  8. Shore Transit Ridership Data Collection Study Phase #1 (completed)

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